Ludwig van Beethoven Music

Ludwig van Beethoven Music

Ludwig van Beethoven Music.

Ludwig van Beethoven Music: Josephson & Barbara (1-3) feel that Ludwig van Beethoven is one of the renowned artists whose works led into the transition from the classical era into the romantic era.

His music started the expression of intense feelings, leading into a focus of all arts into the Romantic Movement. The transition involved other forms of arts such as imagery. Although the composers during the romantic era were not against classical music, they felt that there needed to be a change.

They adopted several things associated with the classical music such as the sonatas, concertos, symphonies and operas. They additionally observed the rules of melody, harmony, rhythm, tuning, harmonic progression and performance practice introduced in the classical period.

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place in music. Most of characteristics of music in the romantic era are clearly observable through the subsequent post-romantic and neoclassical eras. There is more freedom in music, and it is not restricte to strict rules.

Composers can freely express their feelings through the words and the way the instruments are incorporated to invoke some feelings. As a result, the people are identified to be enjoying music more, since the expressions relate to the actual context and social setting of the audience.

Beethoven initiated several of these changes, making him one of the most crucial figures in music, with music from the romantic era still gaining much audience.

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