Lowering drinking age to 18

Lowering drinking age to 18

Lowering drinking age to 18

Lowering drinking age to 18:It is in the American society that people continue turning a blind eye on the devastating effects brought about by alcohol. As a matter of fact, there are some people in this country who feel that the age at which an American is allowed to take alcohol should be brought down from 21 to 18 years (Hoeflinger 31). Well, this mentality is a significantly grave mistake in our society and this paper will outline the reasons why. The primary reason is that these individuals calling for age reduction want to feed alcohol to teenagers who have not even learned how to take care of themselves, or how to drink responsibly. Teenagers are also supporting this idea since they are influenced by what they see in the society as well as social forums brought about by technology advancements in the 21st century. With the invention of the internet, communication around globe has become significantly fast hence almost everyone relies on information in the social media.

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Alcohol abuse among teenager is already the greatest life taker there is especially in our roads; why would any sane American want to lose more young lives on the drug? Additionally, what would happen to this country’s economy if the next generation is introduced to alcohol at a young age turning them into drunkards? If this happened the economic output would be significantly affected even in their old age, not also forgetting families may end up breaking up due to this drug among many other negative vices (Newell 172). Confronted by these negative effects of alcohol, I believe that the legal drinking age should remain at 21 years, and also encourage the American society to work even harder in discouraging teenage exposure to it at an early age.

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