Lot in Life Research Paper

I hope that you are doing great. We are doing great ourselves, and we are sorry that we could not attend your son’s graduation party last month. I hope that you understood our reasons. Because writing to you at this time, is that I may be experiencing some issues with my son that are similar to what you went through on your own. Besides you are the expert at handling teenagers by now having raised three children so well.

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They can, therefore, be in a position to identify and also inform the teenagers on the dangers of engaging in such behavior (Breda & Heflinger, 2004). The teachers, parents, and other adults in society also play a significant role at discouraging drug abuse among the teens. They should offer guidance while at the same time act as positive role models for the teenagers.

Breda, C.; and Heflinger, C.A., (2004). Predicting incentives to change among adolescents with
substance abuse disorder. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse 30(2):251–267.

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