Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

Liver Cancer

The liver is indeed the largest organ inside the human body, and it lies under the right ribs, below the right lung.  It is indeed shaped in the form of a pyramid and is typically divided into the right and left lobes. Indeed, cancer does affect the liver as it does to other organs of the body and before exploring the liver cancer, it is crucial to understand how the cancer cell occurs and understanding the normal functions of the liver.

The body is, usually, made up of millions of living cells, where the normal living cell divides itself to create new cells and later die in a totally orderly way. A cancer cell works in the exact opposite manner as instead of dying like a normal cell, it keeps growing and forming new cancer cells.

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Conclusively, liver cancer does not have implications to the patient or show the required symptoms till the disease is at latter stages. Screening tests are conducted to confirm if an individual is affected or the individual is at a high risk of getting it considering the risk factors that are available and even unknown for most of these incidences.

La Vecchia, C. (2005). Coffee, liver enzymes, cirrhosis and liver cancer. Journal of hepatology, 42(4), 444-446.

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