Live Performances

Live Performances

Live Performances.

This paper aims at establishing a comparison between two live performances. The two works are; November 2nd at 7:30pm at Barclays Center performance where Schoolboy Q  and  Kendrick Lamar’s “Collard Greens” will be the main focus of discussion and  The Conservatory Orchestra at the Walt Whitman Theatre in which Roman Carnival by Berlioz  will be the focus.

Both venues would host numerous performers who would play different songs. At the first performance, the experience wasn’t all that new to me. The entire performance was aesthetically pleasing.

All the pieces appealed mostly to the oneness of the audience. Oneness in age, oneness in  taste and oneness in appreciation for the art of music. The most pleasing performance however was Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar’s “Collard Greens”.

……………….middle of paper……………………

Both pieces of music I think were performed the best way possible and by the best people. The performers seemed competent in delivering the work . The first performance however had more movement than it called for. So much so that the performers were out of breath before the performance was over making the final parts of the song difficult to hear.

The venues were good but the audience in the second performance was not appreciative of the work. Like me, many members of the audience seemed confused at some point. May seemed to completely lose interest from that point onwards.

The discussion above has yielded the fact that good music is appealing, at least aesthetically regardless of genre and target audience. The ability of a piece to speak to an audience is encoded in its composition and brought out during delivery. All this is prove by the fact that two completely different pieces of musical literature were able to tap into one person’s psychology and speak a message to them.

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