Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography

The article is a comparative study between the Cognitive processing therapy (CPT) and eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR) therapy as interventions for veterans suffering from PTSD. The research found out that the EMDR and the CPT are effective management models for war veterans in a domestic treatment setting.

The EMDR is also very much beneficial for the treatment of depression in the case of depression in a case of PTSD. Individuals with repeated cases of trauma in their life such as facing abuse in childhood and then engaging in combat for a long time may be harder to treat using the trauma-focused therapy such as EMDR.

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It is this that engineered research on interventions to aggression and also anger that come with traumatic experiences. The EMDR was used on a patient that was suffering from violence, traumatic grief and also depression. It is this that initiated the research of EMDR as the model to address violence and aggression that was on the rise among the military. The results are positive and very impressive. However, there is a necessity for further inquiry to develop more awareness of the same.

Graca, J. J., Palmer, G. A., & Occhietti, K. E. (2014). Psychotherapeutic Interventions for
Symptom Reduction in Veterans With PTSD: An Observational Study in a Residential
Clinical Setting. Journal of Loss and Trauma, 19(6), 558-567.

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