Literary review of the novel

Literary review of the novel

Literary review of the novel

A literary review is a way of showing that you have a good idea of a particular topic, and you can come up with your judgments and questioning on the topic. This is because, the reader has a good grasp of the subject involved, and can make his/her judgments according to their modes of understanding. The review is always guided by the research objectives, questioning, and argument. Literary studies can be informed of: trying to bring out contradictions from a story, questioning the story or bringing out an idea that has not been identified in the story, and you are the first.

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There is also a contradiction of how some people who were educated still went back to their old lifestyles. The modern education has not done much in changing what the people believe in the old ways of doing things. Communities have continued to preserve their cultures. Education was meant to change somebody`s way of taking and perceiving things. The unexpected happens, and they still go back to their old ways. Junior went back to the reservoir.

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