Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay

The Godfather movie is an American film whose producer is Albert S. Ruddy and Francis Ford Coppola, the director. It is a fictitious story focusing on the lives of the Corleone mafia family residing in New York City. The story encompasses the lives of characters that include Vito Corleone, the seemingly aging head (don) of the Mafia family and his son Michael who had just returned from the battle that was the World War II. On the other hand, ‘Is there a text in this line’ is a literary criticism book authored by Stanley Fish.

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About Stanley Fish’s book of literary analysis, let’s review the Godfather movie. The plot of the movie matures gradually and making an appearance, Vito Corleone, the head of the Corleone mafia family seeks to have his son Michael take on the ‘family business’ by succession due to his aging, much to Michael’s repugnance (Puzo 3). The movies hence center on Michael and his eventual transformation to a ruthless mafia boss. His involvement in the family business is however inevitable seeing as he bears the well-known Corleone family name and the assassination attempt on his father Vito Corleone catalyzed his immersion into the mafia world. The mafia world was one haunted by constant danger and betrayals in the battle for supremacy.

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