Literary Analysis Essay

Literary Analysis Essay

Stories are composed to pass on a message to the audience. Different stories, composed by different authors at different events or time could have similar if not the same message. An instant of such stories is the Cat in the Rain and The Necklace. The two short stories have different narratives and stories although they seem to be similar in meaning.

The similarities between the meanings of the two are noteworthy and possess a point of discussion. Explained below is an elaboration of the stories, their meaning and how they relate in terms of meaning to the audience.None of the two coupes seem to be happy in the entire story.

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He says to her that he wants to take her out in the rain. She rejects and he pleased her not to get wet. It is evident that readers of the story know that the American wire is not impressed by the fact that her husband opposes having children. His wife does probably not have the ability to bear children. This explains her desire of owning a cat that she can be responsible for and raise. According to (108), the American wife gets happy when the husband sends the maid to get her a cat that she wanted.

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