Listening Perspectives

Listening Perspectives

Listening Perspectives

Any Man of Mine” is seen to appeal to women all around the world due to the assertive and sassy lyrics tone. The opening of the song was forte and allegro. It was a fresh kind of feminism. With this song the artist is seen to turn the tables by her “I love my man, but I love me too” lyrics in the song.

The song “Any Man of Mine” is an attractive formula pop song which is wrapped in the instruments of country like steel and fiddle guitar.

The system is simple; however the arrangement happens to make it different and interesting.

The formation of the song is arranged in the following way: “Intro, Verse, B Section, Chorus, Half-intro, Verse, B Section, Chorus, Solo, Chorus, and Outro” (Twain 54).

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I liked this song because the arrangement is seen to be responsible for the attractiveness of this song, and it’s a trademark of Mutt Lange.

His productions are usually dense and one can bet if we have a hole amongst the vocal lines, then he’ll find something to fill it with in a tasteful way.

As far as the development of the song is concerned, the verse happens to beginout sparse and slowly gets bigger as it continues and the instruments are presented. Also, the 2nd verse is seen to develop so it’s diverse from the first one.

Another of the trademarks of Mutt is sonic layering that one is able to find anywhere in Shania Twain’s song.

First of all we can observe a good reverb amount on the vocals but it aligns so well into this track that one doesn’t hear it, but instead listen to the guitar fills and slides during the initial verse .

The vocals in the background also go from the artist singing harmony with herself into the big vocals that are Def Leppard-like answer. One tends to learn a lot from this kind of production.

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