Lifespan development

Lifespan development

Lifespan development.

Lifespan development is a term used in reference to the occurring changes that take place within an individual’s life, from conception, birth, and through and into old age. Majorly, within lifespan development, there are six stages which include; infancy, childhood, adolescence, early adult hood, middle age and finally older age.

The first stage, infancy, refers to the period between birth and two years. However, there is the development of many psychological characteristics. During infancy, much importance is applied to the bond between the infant and the care taker.

This is because it is quite crucial for the infant’s later emotional development. Second is the childhood stage which lies between two and ten years. Children in this stage become independent and develop cognitive skills.

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second language acquisition. The acquisition of the first language is quite a universal process. Babies are quite dependent on the imitation of sounds within their environment. This occurs till the child is in a position to pronounce them.

Language acquisition in children is highly dependent on the parents and guardians of the children (Bowerman 214). The development of a child is highly dependent on the attachment during childhood. Mostly, children learn their cognitive skills as a result of the interactions between them and their guardians/parents.

Major language skills are also learn from the parents during development stages. At early stages such as infancy, good parenting is very influential to the child’s emotional developments during the later stages.

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