Lies for the public good

Lies for the public good

Lies for the public good

Sisella Bok talks about lies in her book titled; Lying: Moral Choice in Public and Private Life (1978). She particularly addresses the aspect of deceiving that exists in the corridors of power. Journalists Katchadourian and Bamford have written articles that also touches the issue of lying that has been there in the America and the society as a whole. They try to show how people with influence in the society, even presidents, lie to the people in the name of protecting them.

The fact the three articles talk about lying in the society makes it clear that they are related. The people in  power tend to have a notion that lying to the people actually makes their lives better and lies spares them the distress and the harsh reality that is brought by knowing  the truth.

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It shows that the politicians will lie sometimes not to deceive the people, but because people tend to appreciate then. The politician, with the best lie gets into office. When there is a crisis, the government believes that lying to the people is always the better option. A lie gives government time to come up with a proper strategy as far the crisis is concerned. (Bok, 1978, p.4).

It seems like deception and power are inseparable. Lies form the basis of politics and those in power will always tell lies. Even though people may be aware of the deception, they accept it because they tend to believe that it’s for their benefit.

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