Liberty- Autonomy- Privacy and Property

Liberty- Autonomy- Privacy and Property

Liberty- Autonomy- Privacy and Property

Liberty- Autonomy- Privacy and Property; Vaccination process is an important medical intervention that benefits the community and individuals by protecting them against pathogens attack. In the United States, compulsory vaccination policy is based on the concept of herd immunity crucial in the promotion of health care in the society.

This exemption is aimed at giving individual holding a sincere religious notion and belief to oppose medical vaccination. Arguably, if the vaccination law is enforced on citizens in such states, the government could compromise human rights of freedom of religious beliefs.

The government requires people to claim their religious belief to be exempte from the law, such as Christian Science, the first church of Christ and any other churches that believe in prohibition of medical procedure invasion such as the vaccination process .

A religious exemption is grante to individuals who have a sincere religious believe on vaccination violation of their religious believe.  The religious exemption claim is also base on spiritual conscience to believe and

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Vaccination exemption is aime at promoting human rights and respect religious belief among people. However, children become vulnerable to health risks as a result of non-immunization beliefs by their parents.

Another reason for vaccination exemption is based on religious doctrine that argue that vaccination result in contamination of the body through the use of animal tissue and tissues from aborted fetus. Some religious people believe that God’s divine power is responsible for human healing (Romm, 2001, p. 54).

Diekema, D. S. (2013). Personal Belief Exemptions from School Vaccination Requirements.

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