Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology

Liberation Theology

Liberation theology is a common believe among Catholics of the Latin America. As a school of thought,Liberation theology demands that according to Christ, the church should focus its energies in delivering the people of the sphere from poverty and oppression.

The liberation theology depends on the church to curb and reduce poverty in all parts of the world, as well as fight for the helpless by freeing them from oppression. Liberation theology tries to bring unity among theology and social-political concerns.

Liberation theology takes place in three main steps, shortly identified as see, judge then act.The first methodology is to see. Observing in this context is viewed as feeling the impacts of something. In order to observe something one has to be part of it. The first methodology of liberation theology applies to different aspects of day to day life. It involves aspects of social life, cultural life, and economic life. Seeing therefore involves a critical analysis of these aspects of life and identifying where there is foul play. Seeing also includes a method of philosophical interpretation on all issues of life. Therefore, seeing as a methodology of liberation theology involves feeling the impact of social reality and suffering, making a critical analysis and having a philosophical interpretation.

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Finally, the final methodology is to act. Interest groups should take action according to the sober judgment and decisions they come across in the second stage. Both the government and the citizens should involve themselves in this stage, and such actions may include coming up with fairways to enable the people air their voices (Farmer 2005 pg. 84).

Lewis, H. (2007). Deaf liberation theology. Aldershot, England: Ashgate Pub.

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