Liberation of Women

Liberation of Women

Liberation of Women

Henrik Ibsen was born in 1828 and raised in Norway. At an early age, he developed the interest of becoming an artist. Ibsen’s mother was his source inspiration from her passion for painting, playing piano, and love for the theater. As a result, Ibsen spent most of his time reading, performing magic tricks, and painting.

He moved to Christiania (later known as Oslo) to prepare for exams to study at the University of Christiania where he got an opportunity to meet and make friends with other writers. Later, He was exiled to Italy and wrote “Brand,” a five-act tragedy about a clergyman whose feverish devotion to his faith costs him his family and ultimately his life. When he moved to Germany, he wrote a play entitled A Doll’s House, which is among his famous works. By the end of 1890, he wrote Hedda Gabler, which comprises one of the most notorious characters in theater history. Later in 1891 he returned to Norway as a literary hero and died in 1906 of stroke (Ibsen).  Therefore, the paper seeks to analyze the “A Doll’s House” story and the experience of Nora in the male dominated society.

In the play “A Doll’s House,” Nora is mistreated by male character in the play, especially by her husband and Krogstad.

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As can be seen, A Doll’s House is a radical play that disclosed flaws of male-controlled society and the triumph of the woman over hindrances, including masculine, social and economic factors. Women are oppressed in the society because of their biological and social role in life.

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