LGBT Youth Discrimination and its affects on them

On a daily basis, LGBT youths face discrimination from the society, relatives, peers and also their teachers and administrators. Different studies indicate homosexual and bisexual youths are most disadvantaged because they lack protection and support from parents and society. They spend most of their time in fear since they are aware that they are not accepted in society.

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Policymakers also need to enact laws that protect and support gay and lesbian people in the society. They should consider the terrible realities that homosexuals faces on a daily basis and implement policies that ensure better tomorrow to all young people regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

Work Cited
Almeida, Joanna et al. ‘Emotional Distress among LGBT Youth: The Influence of Perceived Discrimination Based On Sexual Orientation’. Journal of Youth and Adolescence 38.7 (2010): 1001-1014. Web.

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