Leveraging Power from BATNA

Negotiation constitutes a conversation between two or more parties who have disagreements due to conflicting interests. In day-to-day activities and interactions, people are bound to have disagreements and divergent interests. Negotiation enables individuals to converse and resolve their differences.

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Different strategies and techniques have been evaluated to enable the negotiating party to make a favorable deal with the co-owner. In the case, the BATNA entails letting the court sell the property. The negotiation strategies enable the negotiating partner to convince the co-owner to let the court sell the property.

Cheng B (2009). Power and Trust in Negotiation and Decision Making. Harvard Negotiation Law Review. http://www.hnlr.org/2009/09/power-and-trust-in-negotiation-and-decision-making-a-critical-evaluation/

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