Levels of intelligence

Levels of intelligence

Levels of intelligence

Levels of intelligence: Intelligence involves the capability to plan, solve  problems, comprehend compound ideas and learn from experience. The concept of intelligence is not only on book learning, test-taking and narrow academic skill. The measure of intelligence level is one of the greatest psychology achievement and the most controversial issue. There is no single test that capture the complexity of human intelligence because there is no test that can capture the complexity of human intelligence and free from cultural biases.

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Fluid intelligence depends in the working memory and attention control. School has a massive effect on the IQ level where children lose IQ points and academic skills during the summer vacation. Changes in the intellectual level are much higher for children from lower socio-economic communities while from higher socio-economic increased their intellectual level during the summer because they are exposed to rich intellectual activities.  The setting in which a child is exposed to determines intellectual level (Nisbett, 2014, p. 11).

Nisbett, R. E. (2014). What Teachers Need to Know About IQ. Education Digest, 79(7), 4.

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