Leukemia is a blood-forming tissue cancer including the lymphatic system and bone marrow. There are many types of leukemia. Certain forms of  are common among children while others occur in adults. It normally begins in the white blood cells (Florean, Schnekenburger, Grandjenette, Dicato & Diederich, 2011). While white blood cells are potent fighters of infections and normally grow and divide as the body needs them, the bone marrow of people with leukemia produces white blood cells abnormally, and do not function appropriately.

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Many studies states that leukemia seem to develop from both of factors of genetics and environment, however, experts think that someone’s risk of getting leukemia may be increased by being exposed to large amounts of radiation or to some chemicals such as benzene (Ivanov, Tsyb & Khait, 2012). Its treatment can be complicated and complex depending on the form of leukemia being treated and other factors.

American Cancer Society (2012). Cancer Facts and Figures 2012. Atlanta: American Cancer Society.

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