Let America be America

Let America be America

Let America be America

This paper aims at establishing the intent of Langston Hughes in his poem “let America Be America Again.” My style of analyzing this poem is unique and comprehensive. I will highlight coherent issues addressed in the poem including Hughes’ style and meaning using correct, relevant evidence in the poem. In addition, I will use various poetic elements including the voice or speaker, figurative language, meter, structure, and theme. In the poem “let America Be America Again” (Hughes 776), a lot is brought to light including equality and freedom, which America claimed but never had. Markedly, Langston Hughes illustrates in a word picture a depressed nation.

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Throughout the poem, Hughes has used coherent words to put emphasis in his claims. However much Hughes wants to see his country elevate and change, the American ideas of, liberty, democracy, and equality, does not seem to be alive. His theme throughout the poem is a clear demonstration of lack of democracy, freedom, and brotherhood.

He sees the business people and the government as inconsiderate, full of greed where the poor and the less fortunate in the society are not treated fairly. The dominant theme in this poem is that the author seems disappointed and left out of the American Dream. The poem’s tone is anger although there is some hope at the end.

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Hughes, Langston, Antonio Frasconi, and Antonio Frasconi. Let America Be America Again. George Braziller, 2004.


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