LensCrafters Case Study

LensCrafters Case Study

LensCrafters Case Study

LensCrafters is a company that provides a one-stop solution for consumers of optical products and services. The company operates in the US, Canada as well as Puerto Rico and has the capabilities of producing eyeglasses on the spot for its customer as well as other services. The operations in the LensCrafters’ service shops are designed in a manner that enable systematic actions under one roof that begin the moment a customer enters the entity.

The customer is warmly greeted and subsequently directed to the service delivery station. Since the customers usually have prior arranged appointments, they do not have to wait for long before they are examined by the independent optometry doctors. After this, the client further provides the prescriptions to service stations selects and fits the desired frames from the ones displayed and the process of making the glasses begin.

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According to lensecrafters.com, the company uses a lens crafting machine similar to the ones used in large scale manufacture which in some cases is much more superior and advanced.  This technology enables the company to adhere to its promise of producing high-quality lenses within an hour.

The speedy delivery of an order as a result of these high tech machines adds value to the product and leads to satisfied customers (lensecrafters.com). This additional service being provided under the same lead time also adds value to the final product by providing additional complementary product and therefore maximizing the customer satisfaction.

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