Legends of the Fall – Film

Legends of the Fall - Film

Legends of the Fall – Film

Legends of the Fall – Film:The film Legends of the Fall (1995) is a movie that features Anthony Hopkins playing the role of Colonel Ludlow, a retired army officer that is put off by the U.S government betrayals committed on Native Americans in the 1800’s Indian Wars 1800’s, together with his most trusted friend, Stab, moves to Montana to raise his three sons Tristan, Alfred, and Samuel.

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Tristan also symbolizes physical prowess from a young age. As Stan narrates, “Every warrior has hopes that he will die a good death, but Tristan went looking for his.” As an adolescent, Tristan is illustrated waking a sleeping bear, avoiding the bear’s attack by cutting off one of the bear’s claws that sends it limping away in pain.

The society is illustrated by Alfred that is the eldest brother, represents the much-civilized businessman. He is always officially dressed, with dark, short, hair and a clean shaven face. He is more masculine than Samuel. Alfred holds too tight to societal convention and rules. For example, after Susannah and Tristan have sex for the first time, Alfred asks Trisan, “in order to fulfill his obligation, when are you planning to be married?”

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