Legalization of drugs

Legalization of drugs

Legalization of drugs

National Drug Control Policy in collaboration of federal and local partners are working on strategies that will be used to reduce drugs usage that are harmful to the user and the society as a whole.  The department is working on strategies that will be used to prevent, treat, recover and reduce the supply of drugs throughout the country. There is debate that have raised on whether drugs should be a legalized and the implication that will be experienced.

Effort from people in the American society such as legalization of drugs will promote its usage creating inconsistently with the public health and the overall welfare of the society. There are numerous debates that have been raised regarding the use and legalizing of drugs, resulting to misperception on the usage.

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Legalizing drugs will increases usage and negative effects that arise from the usage. Legalization of drugs will act as a barrier to the effort of promoting health care. There are numerous health complications that arise from legalization of marijuana. Use of marijuana is linked with the increased of mental disorder in the future, when the use is initiated at an early age.

Drug use leads to physical, psychological discomfort among users. Smoking cannot sustain the feeling of happiness among in the long run. Drug use leads to the development of deviant behaviors among users resulting into a crime. Drug use leads to decrease in fertility level among users and dependence.

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