Legal Process Project

Legal Process Project

Legal Process Project

The US constitution consists of seven main articles and another appended twenty seven amendments. The first three articles are concerned with the separation of powers doctrine. In these articles, the constitution divides federal government into three arms the legislative arm, the executive and the judiciary. The judiciary consists of the supreme courts and other federal courts.

The president heads the executive and the executive structure under him while the legislature consists of the bi-cameral congress. The constitutions articles four, five and six deal with defining the relationship between the federal government and the states as well as spelling out the rights and duties of the state governments and those of the federal government in relation to each other.

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Arab Americans have continuously been subjected to discrimination, suspicion and abuse and this reached a crescendo after the attack. In the American society, Muslims and Arab Americans suffer from psychological distress and are at a higher risk of being depressed. The constitution protects every citizen in the US from being subjected to incidences of discrimination.

This is why the government has the role of protecting all citizens regardless of their ideologies, religious affiliations and ethnicity. Some Arab Americans have changed their manner of dressing to avoid victimization and discrimination in the American society.

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