Legal & Ethical Obligations of the school Counselor

Legal Ethical Obligations of the school Counselor

Legal & Ethical Obligations of the school Counselor

The press, Parents, administrators and the overall public often spectacle just what it is that school professional counsellors do on a day-to-day basis. Gone are the times of school counsellors sitting in their office simply giving out college applications, making schedule variations for students who want to drop a lecture or meeting with the agitators in the school.

Today’s school professional counsellors are critical members of the education squad. They assist all students in the areas of social development/ personal, academic accomplishment and career development, guaranteeing today’s students become the creative, well-adjusted grown-ups of tomorrow (Staub 2003). They are a significant part of the educational leadership squad and provide valuable support to students regardless of whether they toil in a basic school or middle school, secondary school or beyond.

Institute counsellors should spend most of their spell in direct service to and interaction with students. School counsellors’ duties are fixated on the overall delivery of the total platform through individual student planning guidance curriculum and responsive services. Schools should eradicate or reassign particular inappropriate platform tasks, if possible, so institute counsellors can focus on the avoidance needs of their curriculums. Professional school counsellors attend a dynamic role in maximising student accomplishment (Staub 2003).

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Professional school counsellors should continue with the gospel of advising and encouraging students so that self-harm or harm to other among students may reduce drastically in the learning institutions.

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