Legal Aspects of Record keeping

In the modern society, the need for professional psychologists practicing in the field to keep a detailed record of the professional services they offer to their clients is increasing exponentially. The need has grown in the proportion that these records are often referred back to it often times, legal settings.

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The law requires that expert testimony be admissible. A witness who is qualified as an expert by knowledge, skill, training, experience, or education, may be called upon to testify in form of an opinion if the opinion will assist the person trying the fact to comprehend the evidence or determine a fact in an issue. However, the opinion is admissible only when it is applicable to the evidence at trial. It is the law that qualifies an opinion as either applicable or not (Joann, Anne, Joseph, John , & Jonathan, 2009).

Joann, E. M., Anne, M. W., Joseph, N. O., John , W. S., & Jonathan, W. S. (2009). Legal and Risk Management Issues in the Practice of Psychiatry. New York: American Psychiatric Pub.

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