Learning theory

Learning theory

Learning theory.

Learning theory refers to the process through which the humans learn. The theory presents the ideas of why and the various changes occur. Training employees on learning process increases their understanding of the organizational stratification and the process of skill acquisition for the jobs.

The learning theory improves the employee motivation since it enlightens them on the differences each individual bears. A program refers to an organizations plan of action.

Programs vary and tend to work with either institutions or individuals. They are concrete plans of action set in place by an organization which aim to make the world a better place.

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the employees gain from training since they gain the understanding of the system and an enhancement of their communications with colleagues within the system. Such benefit the entire organization since they offer a combined front for the employee efforts, which tend to be all directed towards the goals.

Effective program design and evaluation does more than the collection, analysis and provision of data. It provides a possibility for the program managers to monitor the effective use of the allocated resources. Communication is a core element of the organizational and employee motivation.

Program design and evaluation improves the ongoing communication among the system members (Wilfred, 2003). In addition to that, it ensures the redirection of employee and general organizational efforts towards goal achievement, which offer as motivational factors for both individual employees and the entire organization.


Wilfred, A. J. (2003). Effectiveness of Training in Organizations; a meta-analysis of design and evaluation features. Journal of Applied Psychology, 234.

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