Learning the English Language

Learning the English Language

Learning the English Language

There seems to be no appropriate age for learning a language, as linguistics experts say. “There is no point at which vocabulary acquisition can be predicted to cease (Singleton 1995).” When, learning a foreign language, mostly English, Adults have some advantages over children. Harold B. Dunkel and Roger A. Pillet Research in 1957 assessed both adult and elementary students beginning to learn French.

Dunkel and Pillet discovered that the adult students were better in written and oral tests. However, they are poor on pronunciation according to their analysis. Adults maintain their native and foreign languages at a high level as opposed to children. Children learning a second language can lose expertise in the first language. It is universally acknowledged, however, that learning English from early childhood contributes positively to language acquisition by the child. Researchers at University College London found out that bilingual people have more neurons or brain cells in the language sections of their brains. A child has a more advanced brain in language acquisition when they learn English earlier. Therefore, the time one immigrates to the United States determines learning, since learning English at a young age is preferable than as an adult.

Another factor affecting the ability to learn English is the country of origin. Individuals who come from countries whose native language is close to English learn faster than whose language is distant. For instance, a Dutch would learn English faster than a Japanese child would. Learning English is also an advantage to countries who have prior exposure to English in their countries.

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The society should be more tolerant of people who are none native speakers since it is their culture and their way of identification and not accepting them is regarding their culture inferior. The society should also be tolerant because they can also invest in learning their language as to broaden their lists of languages that they can speak.

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