Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Process

Lean Manufacturing Six Sigma Process

Lean Manufacturing / Six Sigma Process

The Six Sigma process constitutes a set of statistical methods for analyzing processes systematically to reduce variation in the process. Additionally, the Six Sigma processes are sometimes use to guide and support the institutional continual enhancement of activities (Groover, 2010).

Six Sigma’s toolbox of analytical techniques and statistical process are being adopted by some organizations. Then, assess waste areas and process quality to which other lean approaches can be implemented as solutions. The Six Sigma process is also in use by industries and countries to improve the quality performance of sectors, parasternal and to further drive productivity of the nation (Luis et al., 2014).

Additionally, motorola was the first to introduce and use the Six Sigma back in 1990s. Thus, the company drew on well-designed data analysis methods of statistical quality control processes. The term sigma was borrow from a Greek alphabet (σ) which describes variability. Therefore, a quality level of Sigma acts as an indicator of how regular a defects is likely to occur in a given process, product or parts (Gupta, 2015).

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The lean manufacturing process was first introduced by Japan during a period when the six sigma approach had been successfully tested and proven to bring benefits to an organization. The very first concern was that since the six sigma and the lean process operate in different concepts of a manufacturing company with the same goals, how the two could be merge to work together as one.

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