Leadership in Organization Life

Leadership in Organization Life

Leadership in Organization Life.

Leadership in Organization Life: Leadership is the process in which a person influences the group of people aimed at to achieve common goal. The individual in leadership enlist support and assistance from other member of the group in the attempt to achieve a task.

A leader also is a person who is followe by people and guides and controls others. Leaders are well organized  individuals and are committed to their organization.

Leadership entails a combination of values, skills and behaviors. It is therefore important for leaders to identify their ability; value and knowledge on how other member in the organization perceive them.

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between the managers and the subordinate staff running the organization. The manager offers support to other staff member in the attempt to achieve a common task. Directive leadership entails giving guideline and direction to the subordinate staff by the manager, assisting the manager to steer the organization towards achieving set objectives.

Managers should actively participate in all the activities that are undertaken by the organization and they should be fully being informed for the purposes of being held responsible in their work. Finally, managers should embrace achievement oriented leadership behavior for the purposes of accomplishing a common task in the organization.

Organizations and managers should establish leadership qualities for the purposes of higher performance, leaders trust, and opportunities for development and for preferred rewards in the subordinate staff.  Leadership will also empower employees by building a positive environment and reducing the disempowering factor.


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