Leadership and Integrity

Leadership and Integrity

Leadership and Integrity

Integrity is the ability of an individual to uphold moral and ethical principles, honesty and also soundness in moral character. Integrity is a major part of any progressive leadership. Leaders can help or support others to do what is right and therefore it is key that there is an environment of trust between the leader and the follower.

It is, therefore, crucial that the leader demonstrates sufficient integrity that will be key to win the trust of such a follower. Historically, there are leaders that have demonstrated integrity and have enjoyed more loyalty and also have been more successful in achieving the goals that they have. However, there are others who displayed no form of integrity but still managed to achieve the objectives they had. They, however, enjoyed lesser loyalty and allegiance from the followers as compared to those that display integrity. Leadership that is coupled with integrity makes it much easier for the lead to lead the subjects. Integrity forms the core of efficient leadership and, therefore, shapes the type of a leader that one is.

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A good leader is one that I know to be of good character and one that the masses trust. It is this that made both Lincoln and also Kennedy triumphed. They had strong beliefs and moral fiber that was critical to leading the people with diligence.

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