Leadership is very intricate undertaking in any organization that is aspiring for growth and improvement. There are numerous definitions about who is a leader (Raatma, 2003). Most people argue that great leaders are not made but born, but from my traits assessment test I believe leadership can be learnt and acquired. Relating to what I got in my assessment test, my readiness for the leadership role in is moderate.

Leaders play an important role in determining people behaviour, attitudes and performance. They also determine organization outcomes. To do this, they need to possess certain personality and task-related traits (Achua & Lussier, 2010).

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Admittedly, I consider myself as a leader who need  to learn some  traits for me to be effective. Without the courage that is one of necessary trait for a leader one cannot make an effective leader. He/she needs to inspire people to follow a particular cause hence they need courage to do so.

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