Leadership is a fascinating topic within the public domain today. There are different concepts and theories, all aimed at describing what leadership entails. This paper evaluates and highlights more dominant and reliable theories and concepts of leadership. Major aim is to provide solid study and discussion on a common perspective that leadership is a social process purposed to influence a group of people to attain a given goal.

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From the theories discussed, it is clear that effective leadership is perceived differently based on different situations. Some theories may not provide concrete concept on leadership subject. For instance, although there are some innate traits that people possess and make them leaders, good leaders can also be made by learning and acquiring necessary skills and qualities. It is also worth noting that innate personal traits and learned skills complement each other. Finally, leadership can be summarized as a social process that influences people to achieve goal or target.
Marturano, A., & Gosling, J. (2008). Leadership. London: Routledge.

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