The traffic officers stopped a car which was over speeding. On stopping the car, the officers found that the driver had a hypodermic needle which was suspected to be used for drug injection (Hammond, 1999). Sandra, who was a passenger in the car, was forced to step out of the car so that the officers could conduct a thorough search in the car. The officers found methamphetamine in a pulse which Sandra claimed to be hers.

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I would have ruled that Sandra was guilty, and the officers act was legal. I would have made this ruling since there was enough evidence that Sandra was in possession of illegal drugs.

Hammond, T. H. (1999). Wyoming v. Houghton: Passengers’ Belongings Subject to Searches Under the “Automobile Exception” to the Fourth Amendment’s Warrant Requirement. Wyoming v. Houghton , pp. 999-1009.

Legal Information Institute. (n.d.). Wyoming V. Houghton (98-184) 526 U.S. 295 (1999) . Retrieved July 13, 2015, from

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