Law Enforcement and National Security Intelligence

There has been a call for better intelligence to preserve and protect domestic security in the country, particularly so since the September 11 terror attacks. In this case, intelligence refers to knowledge, organization, and ability (Carter , 2010). One of the most significant purposes of intelligence is to establish where the perceived danger lies. Therefore, the end result of any intelligence agency is to protect national security. In addition, there have been rampant calls for more improved intelligence not only by the state, but also by local, as well as other law enforcement agencies

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This is because homeland security works ever so hard to ensure that this country is safe and secure. Law enforcement fit in the realm of national security because law enforcement intelligence is used to inform police decisions and operations. In addition, it also supports the development of evidence required for the prosecution of criminal cases.

Carter , D. (2010). Law Enforcement Intelligence: A Guide for State, Local and Tribal Law Enforcement Agencies. Washington, DC: Offie of Community Oriented Policing Services.

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