Late Marriage

Late Marriage

Late Marriage

Late Marriage is a storyline on the conflict between modernity and tradition. The film is directed by Dover Koshashvili, who focuses on Zaza the main character in the movie, who is a good looking and a smart guy at the age of 32 years, but has not yet married.

He meets Judith a divorcee and developed a relationship that result in a sexual relationship. There is a long sexual scene in the film between Zaza and Judith in the Judith apartment, which is in an explicit and naturalist manner.

The purpose of the long sexual scene in the movie to show that personal desires are more important that the needs of the community and family.  It’s also meant to show affection and familiarity to illustrate one of the core importance of marriage and make the movie more realistic on the affection between Zaza and Judith.

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The takeaway from the movies is the conflict between family tradition and personal happiness which is well illustrated by Zaza and the conflict with his family regarding marriage.

According to the custom of his family, it’s wrong to marry a woman who is older and a divorcee. As the people become civilized and modernized, culture conflict arises between traditional culture and happiness philosophy according people in the west.

The movie attempt to persuade parents to give children the freedom to choose their partners just like American society.

According to the tradition of Zaza, parents influence and choose wives on the behalf of their son. Judith is warned against visiting Zaza leading to separation between her and Zaza his lover. According to the tradition of Zaza, Judith is not justified to persuade Zaza to marry her.

The Late Marriage movie is a romantic movie that illustrates the conflict between traditional customs and the ideology of happiness in the modern time. The director gains its strength from sexual scenes to illustrate affection between Zaza and Judith.

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