Language Development

Language Development

Language Development

Language development is a human process that begins with infancy. It is believed to start before a baby is born, where the fetus recognizes speech patterns and in the mother’s voice. Babies learn to speak mainly through imitation of words, and they do away with sounds and words that are not rewarded (Bohannon & Bonvillian, 84), hence parents and caregivers play a critical role in child’s language development. This discussion focuses at children of age 3 to 18 months old.

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On the negative side, television shows do not respond or interact well to children.
The above activities best fit the sensory memory, since the children cannot remembered the words immediately. This is just but activities to enhance it through constant and interaction and conversation.

Bohannon, J.N., III, & Bonvillian, J.D. (1997). Theoretical approaches to language
acquisition. In J.K. Gleason “The Development of Language” (4th ed.). Boston: Allyn & Bacon

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