Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy

Language and Literacy.

Language and Literacy: Development of literacy and language acquisition among children can be described in several theories, all of which seek to explain the approaches that educators should take in teaching. The theories have been developed from various disciplines including linguistics and psychology.

There has been an influence between both linguistic and psychological thinking, resulting to an influence on the language acquisition theories alike. The theories are primarily based on nativism and empiricism or around nature and nurture.

The theories can be stated as sociocultural, behaviourist, cognitivist and nativist (Sakai, 2005). Each of the theories has a different implication upon educators. The educators can consequently realize the extent to which they can be engage in activities that can assist in literacy building.

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the theories can be based on empiricism and nativism. Nativism implies the natural transmission of qualities that lead to language acquisition while empiricism emphasizes on the environment in which a child is brought up.

Educators need to learn the approaches to language acquisition theories primarily for them to be aware on level of language acquisition in which a child is based on the environment the child is in, as well as the past performance that could indicate on any prolificacy or retardation in language acquisition.

Moreover, educators play a great role in determining the environment. Therefore, the theories explaining language acquisition are extremely crucial to the enhancement of the process of literacy and language development in children.


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