Landfill for Toxic Waste

Landfill for Toxic Waste

Landfill for Toxic Waste

Landfills form the most common form of waste disposal in urban areas. Disputes arise on where to locate a landfill. Although important factors such as ease of transportation and other factors are considered, it is eminent that there are still controversies on whether it should be located in high or low-income raises. The paper will examine why and why not a landfill should be located in high or low-income areas.

At first, a landfill should be located in high-income areas because the high-income areas produce a lot of wastes when compared to low-income areas.

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There are also reasons why a landfill should not be suited in a low-income area. At first, situating landfills in low-income areas are a way of promoting environmental racism that is very unethical. The low-income areas comprise of minority groups such as blacks and Asians and thus it’s not fair to position a landfill in low-income areas (Marczak, 2013).

Moreover, landfills should not be located in low-income areas because there are very negative impacts associated with wastes. Since these people are poor, they will handle wastes in an unprofessional way, and they get injuries and disease.

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