Labor Relations

Labor Relations

Labor Relations.

Labor Relations: Labor unions have in the past had a lot of influence in the labor market of the United States of America. They are known legally to be the representatives of the millions of workers in the industries, which are in the US.

They look out for the rights of the laborers where they ensure that they are fairly treated and paid accordingly. Them have had many successes in their efforts despite the challenges they have constantly faced in the past where they have lost many workers due to the continuous assault on the rights of workers.

The role played by the labor unions is very critical in that they act as the intermediaries between the workers and the industries and they provide that voice and bargaining power to favor the working environment of the workers.

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difficulties, since the continuous withdrawal of workers may continue to drain their bargaining power causing their strategies and forums may to be alter for the purpose of fitting in the niche, limiting their ability to fulfil their responsibilities to workers. This factor has led to the union leaders to split and begin to compete for workers.

A change of tactics in the foreseeable future will be realize. And the labor market will see many changes in terms of representation. The strategic alliance formation and globalization is shaping the labor unions. For a more favorable labor industry in the country’s future. (Rick Fantasia, 2004)


Nissen, B. (2003). Alternative strategic directions for the U.S. Labor Movement. Labor Studies journal , 1-28.

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