Labor laws

Labor laws

Labor laws

Labor laws refer to a set of legal rules and regulations to govern and facilitate the functionality of a given organization based on the labor packages. These laws are meant to safeguard the rights of employees from any sort of exploitation and violation. For instance, some of these labor laws may include; the employee pension scheme, labor welfare fund act and workmen’s compensation act among many more (State labor laws, 2001). All these ensure safety and smooth running of the company without a lot of difficulties.

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These are the normal questions determined at evaluating and getting to know more about a specific candidate over a given job position. They do not discriminate nor do they disclose the identities of a particular subject. But instead they allow the interviewing managers to choose the right candidate for a particular job (He, 2012). Equally, the public relations, communication skills and critical thinking of the candidate are all tested through the permissible questions.

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