Labor Law

Labor Law

Labor Law

The railway labor Act is a law in the United States that governs labor relations in the airline industries and railroads. The Act was amended in 1936 ad seeks to substitute means of resolving labor disputes such as bargaining, mediation, arbitration and strikes. The provisions of the Act were initially enforced by the board of mediation but were later enforced by the national mediation board. The Act is applied in organizations in governing labor relations of employers and employees in the industry. The Act was implemented to promote peace in the labor unions as a strategy of avoiding interstate commerce and interactions (Thoms & Dooley, 1990).

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Among the main provisions of the Landrum Griffin Act are the implementation of several regulations that require policy oversight and the association of administration and financial activities with labor organizations. Regulations require the unions to file documents with the federal government to pertain the formalities of the organizations including membership dues and officer’s salaries. The Act also requires the publicity of documents of labor organizations so that any member of the organization acquires the right to view for any collective bargaining agreement related with the labor organization (Bellace, Berkowitz, & Van Dusen, 2000).


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