Labor Law

Labor Law

Labor Law

The department of labor in the USA administers labor laws to ensure employees protection. Disparate treatment entails, an employer treating some people unfairly by oppressing or manipulating them as compared to others in the same workplace (Krieger & Fiske, 2006). This could be due to their race, sex, nationality or religion. Disparate impact refers to serious impact of a practice applied by the employer that is non-discriminatory in its nature, but in real sense affects the employees.

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More changes need to be done for people with disability. Employers need to build offices in a way that  ease free movements of wheelchairs by having ramps as compared to stairs and working spaces being built at arms level (Krieger & Fiske, 2006). This way the physically challenged would have ease of access to places of work and perform their duties effectively. Such changes I would like to see been implemented by employers. They will ensure that even the protected classes of people have equal access to various places of work.

Krieger, L., & Fiske, S. (2006). Behavioral Realism in Employment Discrimination Law: Implicit Bias and Disparate Treatment. California Law Review, 94(4), 997. doi:10.2307/20439058

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