Labor Act

Labor Act

Labor Act

Employment laws have been a revelation to the workers who in numerous times over the last decades have complained of being exploited. Therefore, numerous laws and amendments have been put so that they can protect both the employer and the employees and in this case my friend Patricia and her fifteen workers. In 1986, Congress passed the Immigration Reforms and Control Act where it sought to protect and preserve the jobs for the individuals who achieved it legally whether they were citizens or aliens in the American workforce.

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The employee is given the Form I-9 where he or she writes in the section 1, and the employee cannot be given the form unless he or she has accepted the terms of work and the job itself. The employee fills the form on the first or before the first day of the job after he or she has agreed to work. The second section of the form has to be attached with the original documents of the employee where the employer must confirm if indeed they are legal and authentic. The photocopies are made for the I-9 verification in future as well as for storage purposes. The third section involves the employees confirming that the details attached are true.


Coleman, M. (2008). Between public policy and foreign policy: US immigration law reform and the undocumented migrant. Urban Geography, 29(1), 4-28.

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