Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome

Klinefelter Syndrome.

Klinefelter Syndrome is a common hereditary disease. The symptoms based from the psychiatrics’ view are internal beside the physical features. The objective of this paper is to portray how infertility in men comes to be, according to the discovery by Dr. Harry, revealing the effects of the Syndrome in males at infancy, teenage life and adulthood that affect language development, intelligence quotient, physical disorders besides effects in social development.

The review of Klinefelter Syndrome and emphasize the advanced ways of diagnosis evaluation, causes of the syndrome disorders , treatment by educational services, various therapy treatment like physical and speech therapy as well as medical treatment, medication processes and other relatively related disorders as far as the Klinefelter Syndrome is concerned.

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The XXXXY chromosome males are severely affected. They have microcephaly, short stature and ocular hypertelorism. The IQ in these males ranges between 19 and 59. They are shy and friendly. They also have occasional irritability with high temper tantrums.

The groups with XXXXY chromosomes have a difficulty in persevering frustration or difficult routine (Probasco, 1999). A group of 46, XX males have their translocation of Y chromosome material absent. The Y chromosome is responsible for determining sex region and sex output to the X chromosome in the paternal meiosis (Probasco, 1999).

These males have normal sex and genital development but found to have hypospadia. These males have a decreased level of testosterone with little chances of infertility (Probasco, 1999).


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