Key Logger Scam

Key Logger Scam

Key Logger Scam.

Key Logger Scam: Computer crimes involve unauthorized access to computer system with the aim of destroying, deleting or changing the computer data. Computer crimes also include electronic frauds, misuse of devices, identity theft and data as well as system interface.

It involves tampering with confidential data and all system important information. The privacy of users is invaded; a breach of country laws, access to privacy of financial institutions has led to fear amongst investors and all banking system managements.

Key-logger scam involves insertion of key logger software into the computer system without the knowledge of the user. It may also involve exchange of the keyboard with keyboards fitted with key-logger hardware.

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identify the intruders, they were identified weeks later and it was discovered they tried it while outside USA. In Jan 1990, silicon workers were arreste for hacking government and a certain telephone company and accessing military training, flight orders, FBI secrets and other security information.

In 1987, Apple Computer discovered malicious software in its email system. The software shut down the system and erased all voice mails. The company also reported that computer criminals may also have reverse-engineered Macintosh computers secret code.

In 1994, an MCI technician was take to court for selling of credit card numbers worth roughly $50 million. In Metro jails Nashville, Tennessee were take to court in 1989 to answer charges for cracking telephone long distance charges.


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