Juvenile versus Adult Justice System

Juvenile versus Adult Justice System

Juvenile versus Adult Justice System

The juvenile criminal system is quite different from the adult justice system in many ways. However, it is normally an endless debate over the change and development of the juvenile justice system to the specific environment. Specifically, the juvenile justice system is essentially different from the adult justice system. At present, adolescents are committing serious crimes that could make the public raise many questions especially in relation to the modern juvenile justice system as citizens who are not related to the new juvenile justice system suppose juveniles’ punishment (Bishop, 1996, p. 14).

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For the trial procedure, the application of a jury in a trial is limited by the juvenile system (Reichel, 2002, p. 11). This is different for the adult justice system because every defendant has a constitutional right to a jury trial. Therefore, adult offenders are at an advantage although there is denial from jury that does not publicize trails. Therefore, the differences between the adult justice system and the juvenile justice system are significant.


Bishop, D. M., Frazier, C. E., Lanza-Kaduce, L., & Winner, L. (1996). The transfer of juveniles    to criminal court: Does it make a difference?. Crime & Delinquency, 42(2), 171-191.

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