Juvenile Offenders

The official record studies constantly prove that Whites are more involved in criminal offenses as compared to Blacks. Ideally, this is the opposite of what the larger public perceives. The public’ perception is that blacks are the common offenders locked up in juveniles, but this is not the case. In fact, Whites are involved in most criminal activities including media involvement, leading in strikes and demolitions, and unethical demonstrations in the streets. For over 100 years, ethics and racial differences in the rates of serious adult and serious juvenile offending has repeatedly observed in America.

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It is so unfortunate that in the US, most crimes are committed Whites, but it is often believed that the majority of juvenile offenders are of color. Therefore, there is a need o present information about racial disparities carefully to educate people and help them reconsider their views instead of cementing them

Dorfman, L., & Schiraldi, V. (2001). Off balance

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