Juvenile justice

Juvenile justice

Juvenile justice

There are many different facilities that have been used to house juvenile offenders by the juvenile justice system. This part lays an extensive focus on four permanent facilities that are used to house offenders. The reception and diagnostic facilities are used to house the juvenile offenders. These facilities have been used for a long time. The facilities are used to handle the offenders where they observe them keenly before sending them to the respective correctional facilities. The offenders receive the highest level of attention at this stage (Hess & Orthmann, 2010).

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The early criminal gangs did not engage in crimes. They only engaged themselves in violence since violence was part of their daily lives. As time went on, the emergence of criminal gangs was eminent (Howell & Moore, 2010). The gangs started engaging themselves in robbery. According to me, the criminal gangs are still increasing in terms of their numbers, and they are not expected to reduce any further. The gangs are becoming stronger each day, and they are solemn in their operations. Their numbers are rising significantly due to increasing social problems in the society. Issues of unemployment have contributed to the rise in the gang population.

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