Juvenile Courts

Juvenile Courts

Juvenile Courts.

The juvenile courts need to be overhauled. Although the courts were establishe to handle minor cases, they have developed into handling other more serious cases. They need to have changes so that the way they handle cases ensures credibility, justice and accountability as in other courts.

The juvenile courts handled cases that could not necessarily need fast court processes. However, some cases could be of public interest, and prompt processes could be relevant to ensure the courts are considere reliable and efficient.

Moreover, there despite the cases mostly involving children, there are major crimes that could be committe by them as well. Consequently, the way the arraignment and judgment is made has to match that of the other courts.

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Some cases that do not involve violence do not necessarily have to be fast in investigations. As cases involving violence are prioritize. In addition, the intense of investigation lies in the evidence availed by witnesses.

However, after the incorporation of other crimes, the juvenile courts need to be more serious in the investigations, and incorporate other ways of getting evidence such as using equipment that could avail some relevant information.

For instance, an investigation into burglary could involve equipment to determine the offender, but most family cases have ready evidence, most depending on what the witnesses know. Therefore, changes are mandatory to ensure that the juvenile courts match the standards of other courts.


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